Our Story

Woogo all began with a humble story of five good friends came from different countries across continents, Taiwan, United States and Mexico. They met up in California and eventually returned to Taiwan after a long tenure of work in overseas. One fine day, they craved to drink a delicious and nutritious fruit smoothie. However in Taiwan, they tried to find and search endlessly in capital city of Taipei. To no avail, none of the shops let them to enjoy an authentic California smoothie. Then, one of them came up with an idea to start the first California smoothie shop in Taiwan.

With five friends, it is named Woogo, following chinese translation “Wu Ge” of five brothers in English. That is where and when Woogo is founded as the first California flavour smoothies shop at Taipei in 2013. Since then, Woogo developed more delicious fruit smoothies to serve better to the customers. We wanted to give a whole new level of experience to their customers to feel the enthusiastic, happy and crazy experience.

Since then, Woogo has been passionately serving new and tasty smoothies in Taiwan, Australia and Malaysia with creative combinations of fruits, food, sorbet and of course Woogo’s enthusiasm. Happy and enjoying this crazy business is our way, The Woogo Way!

Woogo Malaysia

In 2016 Woogo© was introduced in Malaysia with an aim of bring back this franchise to share a whole new level of smoothies experience with our fellow Malaysians. Woogo’s menu offers creative combination of fruits and your favourite food with no added artificial flavours or colourings. Without any doubt, Woogo’s fun and positive vibes will make you satisfied and wanting more with our smoothies. Stay tuned as Woogo Malaysia will be reaching to bustling cities, towns and even beautiful beaches with tasty smoothies!